Residential Solar

Solar Installations for Residential Customers

We are dedicatedly working towards building the Australian energy future via saving every customer’s energy bills.

For more information, simply click the link below to get a free quote and our consultants will build a custom design for the perfect solar system installation for your home.

Visit Solar Victoria, Solar for Queensland customers, and Solar for NSW customers to have a look at the respective states’ initiatives in this sector.

Solar Victoria

Take advantage of the great benefits of solar in Victoria. Apply for the Solar Victoria rebate as homeowner, landlord and commercial business. Apply for battery rebates.

Solar for Queensland Customers

Learn how to get started with solar in QLD, different ways to pay for solar, connecting solar to the grid and installing solar on rental properties.

Solar for NSW Customers

Learn about feed in tariffs in NSW, home battery, solar battery loan and free 3kW solar for low income households.

How to Begin?

You can always reach out to our solar consultation team for all your queries, be it for a no-obligation quote or to know more about solar, our team is there round the clock.

Our Residential Solar Systems

Small - 6.6kW

Medium - 9.99kW

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